Snowbear Lane
at  Mile 10 Old Glenn Hwy
Butte, Alaska


Play with your horse in beautiful Knik River Valley!

Matters of  Health:
For the protection of our equine friends, SaddleUp Arena requires a letter or form from your veterinarian that your horse(s) are in good health and/or current on vaccinations for Tetanus/Influenza/Rhino and Strangles and  a “negative EIA test” for the year.
Any out-of-state horse needs to have been quarantined for 30 days prior to using SaddleUp Arena (same as federal regs). At the minimum, a current certificate of good health is required.

Proof of vaccination and statement of good health  would be easiest in the form of a receipt from your veterinarian, whom you might ask to email this to us, or for you to bring it to the arena.
SaddleUp Arena email: ride@saddleuparena.com
Mail: PO Box 34, Palmer, AK 99645

SaddleUp Arena sincerely thanks you for your commitment to a healthy equine community. Link to Alaska State Veterinarian.

Matters of Safety :

WARNING: SaddleUp Arena is a Ride-At-Your-Own-Risk Facility.

SaddleUp Arena requires that helmets be worn by all riders. Helmets are for rent if you did not bring a helmet with you.
Serious injury may result from your participation in any activity on this property. SaddleUp Arena does not guarantee your safety.
If you do not have medical insurance or capital sufficient to cover an accident, this facility recommends you NOT ride a horse, mule or pony.
Never wrap or wind a rope, strap, rein, lunge, or lead line around your hand, fingers, arm or body when it is attached to a horse or other animal.
DO NOT go near livestock without supervision or permission.
Supervision of Children on premises is the responsibility of parent, legal guardian or supervisor appointed by them.


SaddleUp Arena is a Ride-at-your-own-Risk Facility. SaddleUp Arena requires all riders and users to sign a “Horse Riding Agreement, Liability Release, and Assumption of Risk Agreement,”commonly
referred to as a Liability Waiver.  Reference: “Equine Activity Statute, State of Alaska, Title 9. Code of Civil Procedure. Chapter 65. Sec. 09.65.145; A.S.09.65.290